Between and (owner). Agreement is for the Rental of the mobile home situated in Sherkston Shores on the site of # .

The renters , agree to pay the sum of $ for the rental of the above identified trailer beginning and ending at check out time of . A non refundable reservation deposit payment of $ must be paid upon booking and the balance of $ is due by
. A refundable Security deposit of $ is also due at this time. Those renting golf carts will be charged an additional $ . Additional amount charged for pets or other factors: $ .
Details of additional amounts:

Renters must supply their own linen, towels, toiletries, personal affects, products, food & whatever else deemed necessary for their own use during their stay. The renter is fully responsible for any and all damages that may occur to the trailer, it's contents and property (these would be damages caused by the tenants &/or their guests) during their stay. The renter agrees to pay for all repairs or replacement costs resulting from the aforementioned damage. These amounts will be taken from (but not confined to)the security deposit. This security deposit will be paid separate from the above rental fee and will be returned within 48 hours of inspection, less completion of any repairs or replacements of damaged goods or property.The renter and their guests must abide by all the Sherkston Resort rules and regulations while in the park as a renter of the above property. Any rule violations that result in repercussions through the park shall be deemed violation of the conditions of this contract and will result in forfeit of all amounts paid for the rental. Any amounts charged by the resort shall be the responsibility of the renter, and outstanding amounts will be deducted from the security deposit.

Upon check out, rental unit must be left cleaned and vacuumed, with garbage removed failing which, a $ cleaning fee will be deducted from security deposit. Keys must be returned upon vacating the rental unit. Lost keys and/or passes are the full responsibility of the renter and replacement will be deducted from the Security deposit.

Renters release owners from any and all responsibility resulting from any injuries or loss that may occur to themselves or their visitors while on premises and deem owners not to be held responsible in any form whatsoever. Renters & their Visitors are staying and using any facilities and rental unit at their own risk. Renter agrees that a maximum of persons will be staying at the above rented property and no additional persons shall be on the premises. Further, the owner shall not be held responsible for the actions of any person at the rented property in any way whatsoever. If it is found that more persons than this agreement have stayed at the rental unit, an amount of $

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